Lots of women choose underwear rather casually. In fact, it is very important to choose a good pair of underwear. If the selection is not good, it will bring unexpected troubles to your private parts and even cause recurrent gynecological inflammation. So, how to choose a good pair of underwear that suits you? Today wealurre will share with you some tips in choosing the right underwear.


Try to choose a size that is not tight. If the size is too small or the underwear is too tight, it is not good for private parts . It is easy to cause poor blood flow and not easy to evaporate sweat


Try to choose the underwear with elasticity.Underwear with less elasticity will easily ride up or roll down and will also affect local blood circulation.


Try to choose the style which you are comfortable with. Bikini will be very comfortable for daily wearing but for some special occasions you could also choose thong to avoid visible pantie line. No matter what kind of style you choose, just make sure you are comfortable when you are wearing them.


Try to choose the fabric which is breathable,soft and comfortable. These days there are lots of choices for fabric. Cotton is the most classical one meanwhile we can still choose from modal, nylon, bamboo viscose and so on. Different fabric has different features. Try to choose the one that you feel comfortable with.

All in all, a right piece of underwear is really important. Follow the 4 tips above and care for yourself.

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